The following is a collaboration piece written by 40 different members (including myself) of the Speak To Me group on It was orchestrated by the fabulous Fritz O’ Skennick and has been published in his book, Of Darkness and Light and can be purchased on Lulu along with many more of his works.

Here are his notes: I would like to thank all the following members of ‘Speak to me’ for their wonderful contributions to this epic game of poetry tag…

Collaborators: A63-Angel, Aries, BluesMan, CherryOnTop, Debbysmiles, Deepness within, Elizabeth Grace II, Glasyalabolas, GoddessofSensuality, Holly Golightly, Joey The Poet, Joseph Alan, LittleSoulSister, Loving-Dove, Montey, Mystic-Fire, Nevel, Paladin Warrior, Poetic-Theorem, PurpleKnickers, Pyrozia, Sharon Marie, SheWolfNLust, SoulSpeak, Soulful Woman, SoulfulBubbles, Tony goodwin, Viyanna Rosemarie, afireinthisheart, brerae1, crimsondew, emporesskelee, jayray1975, knightcall, laura0757, pebblesbaby, rhymanshu, sportay





Prescient whispers bestowing gifts of eventide,
seeking divine pardon and retribution…
Fore there, from the silence,
stares the face of the lonely,
an echo of beauty that glimpses
of a forgotten past,
a face, a shadow of romance,
falling from the stars,
trailing the dust of the heavens
beneath the gentle moonbeams glow,
blue in the crescent joy that smiles upon us…

Your hand brushes mine and fingers interlock
as if to mock the tragic sorrow
that racks our inner beings,
beheld as the hand of darkness holds us fast,
bestowing memories that no one
could ever erase,
dreams that will never fade
as our loving force braves the stormy weather.
The very stars align, stranger still as I catch them
as each hold our fate like fiery streamers of light,
waiting to break free;
journeying our hearts forward,
passed the shadows of foreboding fear…

We are brilliant, we are incredulous,
we embody the eloquence that speaks
through love’s secret unfolding,
learning to face all fears,
time moving us forward to embrace
whatever lies ahead…
Facing those fears bravely
with courage and vigor,
for if nobody makes a stand today,
we will lose an opportunity to make things happen
in the face of new beginnings…
And that will be our downfall, our loss…

So one by one shall we stand together
with the divinity to do and say what is right.
Unite in confidence so that our voices
may be heard in chorus,
that we may sing the sweet sounds of victory
in forgetting the past injustices
of those that trespass against us.
Moving us forward into new tomorrows,
bathed under beautiful skies
as we sit beneath trees of weeping willows,
branches gently swaying to remind us
of our fading yesterdays…

Yet they tease our perceptions
with a sweet, silent promise
of tomorrow’s dreams…
And so I sit by the water,
staring into my reflection,
my love staring back at me,
locked in a lovers’ gaze,
sand between our toes,
with only the moon bearing witness
to the union of our shadows,
growing ever longer in the shifting light,
for something special is happening
as we watch the stars fall from the sky,
shooting stars, bestowing hopes,
as we make our wish come true…

Behold our dreams bleed into reality,
a moment in time that changes our world
in the blinking of an eye
You, I, the world will never be the same,
for we embody the emotions of the universe,
uniting lovers with our bridge of happiness,
leaving footprints in the sands of time,
a path of the journey we are on.
Shifting the tide of dreams
that gently streams
with the current of a nearby river,
moving the sands under our feet,
spellbound in the beauty of the horizon afar,
warmth felt as hearts touch…

Softly the sounds of birds chirp a lullaby,
surrounding us in their sweet
and tender song.
If we can but allow ourselves
to feel that freedom,
embrace that joy, let go of the woes
that bind us to the sins of the past
and so reclaim our lost innocence
and in wonderment
so many voices will sing as one;
sweet as honeyed wine.
In unison, we will sing joy;
through the trees to all that was
all that is and all that will be…

Fore we, the dreamers, duty bound
to share our graceful song
with a world of compassionate dormancy.
For the others are awaiting our call,
locked away for reasons
that God only knows,
prisoners of injustice,
prisoners of circumstance,
prisoners of persecution,
prisoners of their own minds…
But we are as one with the Universe,
reaching to the heavens for the stars,
so that we may let all unfold
and be as it should be,
that we may find peace with our God…

Beneath the folds of the ocean’s sweeping kimono,
hides a little girl as brown as unstirred tea,
softly she whispers the grace of the universe
under the pale, white noh mask
of a beautiful woman.
A silent breath of grace embodied
as sweet innocence shines on the noh face…
A gentle breeze stirs the jet black tresses
as she moves with the grace of a ballerina,
elegant in her posture,
refined in her stature,
divine in her humanity,
a vision of hope beheld
in the dreams of tomorrow…

Reflections of comet’s kismet happenstance
move across her eyes, her eyelashes misty,
her breath subdued as she ponders love
and how it will come to pass
in her own lifetime,
as the nightshades of her eyes
slowly imprison her to her dreams,
ethereal visions of lovers dancing
on the silent breeze of a star filled sky…
…And she is so entranced by these moments…
Moments that only live within her,
embracing her fevered heart, clinging tightly
to bring home this magic that awakens
from so deep within her,
to become a yearning she must sate…
Where the sprinkling of stars
bestow silvered wishes
that hover and glide
with a wraith like beauty,
that bespells her heart in its longing
as the sweet morning sun
casts its healing rays
over her sleeping countenance…
A simple melody plays along
with her chimera footfalls…

He glances behind him,
his eyes full of such sorrow and regret,
tears that meander on virginal paper,
searching for the words to fill
the emptiness of his soul,
basked under a sleepy, twilight sky,
which knows beyond
the unspoken thoughts
why the wind still blows
and the dawn still rises
to embrace a new day
in the cycle of eternal balance
between the darkness and the light…

Yet such fleeting ink as words once spoken,
still hang in the air like spider-silk,
intricately weaving his questions,
as delicate as a gentle whisper
over and under and again…
“what might have been?”
and more pointedly, he whispers a sigh
as gently as the softest kiss
a mother could bestow
upon her beloved infants brow…
“what could be?”
Is this world worthy of our souls meander?
She is so very desperately in love
and so she ponders the thoughts
of what true love really is…
In her minds eye, she sees fluffy sheep
playfully bouncing in a lush meadow,
a metaphor of innocence
wrapped in a cotton candy dream
as her essence of childhood
mingles in a whirlwind of whispers,
desperately calling out to those
with the strength to seek the same…

Such dreams that find birth in the shadows;
and from the depths of inner darkness,
creativity and imagination are born,
that we may scribe the voice’s doctrine,
beyond the demon’s grasp,
etch our thoughts in the truth of our souls,
behold our pain and our desires
bleeding our axiom on an empty page,
that others may know our hearts…
Yet, she knows of no solemn scorn
but holds that which is dear
and clutches it tightly to her breast…
For what was once her heart,
so full of happiness and bliss
now becomes threatened by the fear
of darkness lingering in the still umbrage…

But the ray of hope still remains
and by sheer will alone,
she carves out that hope
from the pervading shadows,
held high, the light within the darkness…
Her faith, her purity, her wonderment,
driving back doubt
in its spell of brightness,
leaving but one question
lingering upon her soft lips
“What are you waiting for?
Just cast it and see the magic grow”

And so today, a gleam of light,
burns from the passion of a true heart
and plays on the walls,
creating dancing shadows,
dipped in the ink of fresh hope
to quill the dreams that for so long
were chained within,
as the shadows lay in wait
to change what fate
her heart truly desires…
And as the darkness slowly draws near,
she cries out for her lover’s light
to cast the shadows from her sight,
He turns, heeding her cries of desperation
and so the light of day
eclipses his silhouette,
brushing warmth upon her face
but alas to no avail,
and seeing no change
in her co-dependant hell.
He gently whispers…

“For too long, have you stood in my shadow,
draining my life to enrich your own…
Step into the light and save us both
before the wellspring of love runs dry.”

All she can do
is quickly nod with happiness…
She smiles and takes his hand,
boldly leading them
out of the darkness
and into the light
to hear a chorus of voices
who dare to scribe their tale
in unity and strength…

We are the hearts, we are the souls,
we are many, we are one voice,
we are the thread
that sows the tapestry of life…

…Speak to me…