Andrea Schroeder, creator of ABC Creativity dot com is a creative genius, and more importantly, a believer in magic, dreams and self exploration. Andrea is a textile artist with a Bachelor’s degree of Applied Arts in fashion design. She has proven to be a muse all her own, inspiring people to grab hold of their creative power and express themselves by learning more about the meaning of being true and knowing yourself inside and out. I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea about her projects, and I would like to share it with you…

i believe in dreams.  i believe in magic.  i believe that you are a creative genius and you can create *anything*.

Hi Andrea let’s talk creativity! Now, you have been trained as a new thought healing practitioner, can you elaborate on that for us?

I describe it as  “a guide, mentor and teacher in making positive change, living the life you want to be living and creating dreams come true.”  Being accredited as this type of Healing Practitioner means that i have completed three years of classes plus a one year internship and have completed case studies with my clients that show my work is powerful, effective and transformational.  Basically people come to me for help creating something in their lives, and I help them do that.

So, what sparked your desire to create ABC Creativity?

I started creating and facilitating creativity workshops after spending 15 years using creativity as a tool for my own healing and transformation.  As my workshops kept growing, I started to bring it online and ABCcreativity was born.

What is the purpose behind ABC Creativity and how would you say it helps inspire ones creative muse? What programs do you offer and how do they work?

ABCcreativity is all about helping you unleash your creative magic – your ability to create *anything*.  This is not limited to art, this is about how we create magic in our lives.
I offer a creativity kit that helps you use your creativity to create a path to your dreams that you can use to guide you into your dreams, and a meditation kit to help you use meditation to sleep better, wake refreshed and enjoy your day.  I also do creative coaching, healing and magic-making sessions over the phone or skype and I am putting some amazing e-courses together for 2011.

There are so many fun things to do at ABC!


I love to journal, it seems to be a positive release for me. What insights can you offer on the subject of creative journaling?

Bringing creativity into your journal is like bringing your superpowers into your journal.  Through your creativity you have greater access to your intuition, your authenticity and your ability to create your dreams come true.  You can start with collages or just using colored pens.  Doodle and play and see where it leads.

Ok, paper doll portraits… tell me more…

Last year I agreed to be in an art show – I had no art to show but a real sense that something new wanted to be created.  So I put some time aside for playing in my art room and the paper dolls were born.  The show featured about 30 paper dolls and was called “Let’s All Live Happily Ever After” and since then I have been experimenting with them.
These paper dolls carry messages and maps that can lead us to our dreams.  The Paper Doll Soul Portraits reflect back to you all of your amazingness!
What would you say has been the biggest inspiration/motivator in your life so far?

My biggest motivator is a desire to be my authentic self and live my true life.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
To not listen to advice, to learn to trust your intuition and follow your heart.

I have to agree with you on that one…and finally, give us your “words to live by”…

You are a Creative Genius and you can do *anything.

and that is a wonderful idea! Thank you for taking this time with me to spread the word about your amazing and inspirational site ABC Creativity! Best of luck to you, Andrea.

Thank you, Kellie!

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