When I asked Jessica if she would consider writing for Magic in the Backyard, she gave no hesitation. Pleasantly surprised, Jessica quickly replied with an offering of a poem for The Wish Jar along with an excerpt from her book “Dreaming in Darkness”


I dream within this bottle
and throw it out to sea
For in it holds the meaning
of all you are to me

If you listen really close
and hold it to your ear
within my deepest heart
a message you will hear

I speak upon the wind,
so my words will catch a breeze
Then travel through the waves
and land within your seas

The whispers of my soul
lay on your ocean’s wind
Now listen as they speak,
and tell you what’s within

I dream inside this bottle whisper to your sea
So you will hear my heart and know your love is in me

Dreaming in Darkness COPYRIGHT © 2011 by Jessica Kristie
Excerpt appears courtesy of Winter Goose Publishing

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I have so many wishes that I have saved in jars.  They beg me to open them, and scream when I don’t.  


Dreams, whether metaphorical or directly speaking, play a huge role in our creative lives. My book leads you through my dreams, realities and those who have influenced me greatly.
My feet firmly fit into other’s shoes and I hope you find something within those pages that speaks to you. Below you will find Sails, that I place as my offering for Magic in the Backyard’s Wish Jar.

The Dream in My Sails

There was a moment in time –
when I thought dirt made you clean
and water dehydrated.
My stars were raindrops
and my moons burned to the touch.
The wind pushes me forward, and
I have learned to swallow again.
The twisting versions of time,
and the space that floated between now
glow with understanding and neon arrows
My boat is ready to set sail,
and my crew is on deck.
Join me on a trip to an Island
that speaks our language,
and fuses our hearts.
Don’t get left behind.
Now boarding

-Jessica Kristie

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