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Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.
-Mae Jemison, (astronaut)

There are many reasons writers will edit/censor their work, and I am guilty of doing the same…
For example:

Fear of being politically incorrect.

Personal issues that may be too clear and might expose something you’re unwilling to share.

Worry of what someone might think; touching on sensitive subjects or it just makes you uncomfortable.

And the worst mistake any writer can make… Trying to appeal to everyone; Playing it safe.

Are you guilty of censoring your pen for the sake of status, personal opinion and/or judgment? Are there times when you would love to just go crazy and spill the beans (or ink) on a topic that you know may offend and/or scare away your readers?

It’s easy to write about love, heartache, memories, nature, fairies …all the mushy wushy and ooey gooey things we love to write about. But what about those other things?

What are those taboo subjects that make you cringe when you, even for a split second, entertain the notion of writing about them?

Here are the Top Three:
Sex– (shhhh…that’s a bad word, right?) The sexual practice and god forbid it’s pleasure, should not be written about! Are you serious? I think the reason some people stay away from this is because poetry is extremely revealing and we don’t want to expose that part of ourselves to strangers.

War/Politics– Yes, we all have our own opinion when it comes to foreign affairs, war and/or the leaders who send us to war, but we don’t want to write about it.

Religion– There are more than 80,000 registered religions in the world, so chances are…we all can’t be right. Expressing your beliefs when it comes to (your) God(s) can be a scary thought for some. But writing and religion have something in common, confessing is the first step toward healing.

This weekend, I would like for you to choose one of these topics and pen out your thoughts. Be as open and honest as you possibly can. If what you are writing begins to make you uncomfortable…good. The point of this excersise is to free your mind, expand your voice and challenge yourself to explore new ideas within description. This is an opportunity to learn how to overcome the uncomfortable and teach yourself how to use your words to define those things in a new way so that next time you are faced with one of those “taboo” prompts, you can go forth and be…


O.k… I would like as much participation as I can get this time around, so I will be kind and offer up one alternative for those of you who want to take part but are just simply unable to find anything at all to put to paper when it comes to the above subjects.
You may write about fear; something that scares you. I’m not talking Freddy or Jason either. I want something that is personal, emotional, real, raw. That thing in life that absolutely chills you to the bone when it crosses your mind. It could be the thought of losing a child (which is mine, and I have written about it) or maybe a real phobia such as the fear of heights, snakes or even germs. Since I’ve given this option, please give me a quality piece. Something new, never shared. And although I have offered up this additional topic, I encourage you to seriously consider the first three before taking the easy way out. πŸ™‚
Have an adventurous weekend!
Ready, set, write!

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