Please welcome Hazel Atarashi, a self proclaimed Prima Donna and super blogger on Tumblr who strives for self actualization and rebels against conformity. Hazel is all about being fearless with an unparalleled outlook on life and has kindly agreed to host this edition of Life in Quotations.


“living in a phantasmagorical reality polemical whispers everywhere striving for an apotheosis of idealism we curvett in an endless dance.” -Hazel

…I have a long reflection on this:

I am from a generation of people who are lost. We don’t know where it is that we are going. Our culture has become melded with the world’s. More and more it seems that we have lost touch with the not-so-long ago time of our parents. Our morality is different from theirs, perhaps because of the events we are witnessing everyday or possibly because as we seek and strive for a better understanding of the world, we realise that we are just part of a whole and relatively insignificant in the big picture. Ignorance was bliss, but ignorance alone cannot save us now. The introverted aspect of our personality is slowly being driven out due to the rapid nature of the lives we lead. Hasn’t anybody noticed that we barely seem to get time to ourselves. As societies open up, and old barriers are broken down, as media infusion turns us into a globalized people, we lose our personal identity, maybe never completely but sufficiently to lose those intrinsic values passed down to us. They colour our thoughts from time to time and the occasional moments of insight they grant us seem miraculous. But something comes along and we move on, the experience turning into a vague memory.

Why is it that as we grow older and more mature, we lose control of our lives to an ever greater extent. We start ascribing lesser significance to things that we know to be right, and seem to be in an eternal search for something, only God knows what it might be. Religion for many of us seems a vague obligation that we have to fulfill, and we look distastefully upon those who take it seriously. In times of need we are quick to turn to God, but in other times when we are relatively content we just as quickly forget Him. True content seems to evade us, and to fill this vacuum many of us turn to the distractions that are lined up everywhere. An ideology, unspoken but nevertheless present seems to influence us. It guides our thoughts and desires and crafts our actions. You can probably guess what I’m talking about, it is the silent presence at the back of our conscious mind. Never noticed because all hours of our day seem to be filled up with things to do. There is no time to sit and think things over. Impulsiveness is a trait found increasingly in actions of the many. I refuse to believe that I am one of those who sit and think too much, or that I’m the only one who thinks this way. It surely can’t be true that people don’t realise this change that is occurring. We have lost our inhibitions, we have lost our roots, we wander in a fog that grows ever thicker the more we traverse through it and yet we seem content to live day after day like this, conscious but uncaring or more to the mark, aware yet willfully ignoring. The world I percieve is turning to a more frightening place. Yet how can we realise the truth? How may we return to the decent folks that we were? Where does the endless scheming and plotting come to a stop? The lesson God has in store for us is a thought which sends chills down my spine, and causes me to break out into a cold sweat.

Hazel Atarashi 2011

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