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While You Were Sleeping
A poet’s work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep
– Salman Rushdie

I write with the full intention of changing the world. I write not for money. I write not for fame. I write because I have to, and it has been this way for a very long time.  I like to think I was born awake, and every word I bleed to a page is another battle won in this war to stay aware.

Thought is a funny thing. Best of friends, worst of enemies, and a constant assault. If not for the words, I would have surely been driven crazy. Writing, especially poetry, is the one release I have for the cause and effect that comes with being alive.

For some reason, since I was very young, I have been very opinionated. I question motives and intentions, actions and consequences and seldom have trouble finding the voice to do so. Writing allows me not only to share my thoughts, but it also provides me the opportunity to look back, to remember where I was and to see if I have traveled any distance on this evolutionary ladder.  Ultimately, that is my only mission.  And if I can get a few to join me, then my writing has served its purpose.

We are living in an awesome time to be the recorders of the history that is being made all around us.  To find the courage to share our voices and perhaps brings back some common sense to this game of life.  While I typically resist main stream media, nothing ignited my pen more than to see Time magazine name The Protester as person of the year. To me, it was a sign that the world really was waking up.

It is the power of well written words that can start and stop wars. It is the power of well written, emotional filled speeches that can rally a country. In the end, the success of any conversation, debate, manifesto, and agenda comes down to the power of the words. The power of its poetry.

For anyone who is driven to write, there can be no better description than the quote above. Our purpose is clear. Whether we are writing for an audience of one, or an audience of millions, the point of the work is to make them wake up, take note, and think.  The consequence of the work is the reaction of its readers. It is the holder of the pen that wields the power. Fact or fiction, our society relies on words and the poets who weave them.

As we dance into 2012 waving our pens and our list of resolutions, let us join forces. Let us march with words in hand and demand of the world to wake up! To live, to love, to feel. To find respect for self, for others, for our planet and our species.  I personally think us poor humans should have been placed on endangered lists years ago. Write with truth, write with power, write with courage, and engage those who have been content to slumber. We all know that life still happens….even when you’re sleeping.

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  • Do you often find yourself writing your own way to common sense? What inspires or even better, ignites YOUR pen?
  • With the recent upheavals throughout many of our countries, do you pause to consider that what you are writing will be read long after you’re gone? If we are recorders of history, do we offer truth…or merely opinion?
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