Today, I’m sharing a piece that was written for me by a sweet friend and talented writer from She was given the following prompt and said that I was the inspiration for her creation. Her prompt was this:

I want you to forget the fancy imagery, the undefineable metaphors, and extensive vocabulary for this one. I want real, raw, human moments. Be vulnerable. Be you.

It was completely touching to have someone write a poem for/about me as this is the first time anyone ever has. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Thank you, Girl-Interrupted


she was from
a poppy I could have loved.

she wrote poetry too.
about salted peanuts and coca cola
and said, “I’m really not good with words.”

I pulled on
lung dart
watched her, watch tv.

I’m leaving.” I stated.

she looked at me
said, “smile.”

never looking back,
I grabbed my hat.
hit the bar.
ordered a jack and coke.

I won the horses that day.

came in first.
and I smiled.