Happy Friday everybody! I can’t believe it is already the weekend! After last week dragging by and seemingly never-ending, I was tickled to feel as if this week just flew by! So, here we are and you are looking for a prompt, right? Here we go… (Read the Intro to FWF if this is your first visit)

Many of the comments on my poem I posted this week titled “That One Amazing Summer When…” were about how it brought back memories and took you back to one of those summers…so, I want you to share YOUR amazing summer with me. You know the one…it was the first one that popped in your head. Or maybe someone popped in your head? Ahhh see…there it is! We have all had at least one summer that is unforgettable…now is the time to share the story!

Have a great weekend and remember to use the #FWF hashtag on Twitter!