Magic in the Backyard is being showcased in the May/June issue of Southern Writers Magazine

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Whether you’re born and bred down South or just like to visit, we look forward to getting to know you, neighbor.

*The newest (May/June) edition of Southern Writers Magazine hits the virtual streets (online and by mail) today and it’s packed full of bestselling authors and topnotch writing advice.  Notable is the fact that this issue includes a special emphasis on research and historical writing. You’ll find helpful insights on bringing history to life from Ann H. Gabhart, learn how to do reliable internet searches with Sheila S. Hudson, and get inspiring thoughts on writing memoirs from Kimberly Rae.

Have I mentioned Viggo Mortensen?  A familiar face to moviegoers (Lord of the Rings is just the tip of the Viggo iceberg), you’ll discover a whole new side of this prolific poet in an exclusive interview with Sherry Perkins. And if you saw Courageous at your local cineplex you’ll especially enjoy Vicki Moss’ conversation with screenwriter Michael Catt. Look over the shoulder of children’s illustrator Robert J. Blake, get a look at Vicki Allen’s private writing hideaway, and discover how daily discipline helps Irene Latham find publishing success.

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(*excerpt credit: Southern Writers – Suite T Blog)