In the last few months, I have been working on putting together another manuscript in hopes to release a new collection for you sometime early next year (I hope) and I must confess something. I am terrified.

Credit: We Heart It

For those of you who follow my work, I assume that you have become accustomed to a writing style that is very comfortable to me. Sentimental, flowery prose that reflects on memories and moments I hold close to my heart and because of your wonderful feedback/response (thank you), I feel safe in saying that you enjoy it. Now, my issue with this is the fact that I, Kellie Elmore being a writer (of a completely UN-sound mind), have an uncontrollable need to write about anything and everything, and I being human, have no way to censor my feelings therefore, what I feel, I write… and it is not always pretty.

My new collection, Jagged Little Pieces will be an example of just that, a not so pretty and very flawed version of myself which is just another part of who I am and when it comes down to it, we all want to be accepted for who we are, in whole, completely, flaws and all. I am giggling as I write this because, I feel as though I might be scaring some of you. Please, do not be scared. I just feel the need to make it clear that JLP will contain work that you are not used to when it comes to my writing BUT…the silver lining is, and there is ALWAYS a silver lining so, there will in fact be some “pieces” (*wink *wink) included that will please you.

For the most part, JLP is a very personal collection, just as dear to me as Magic in the Backyard but, in a completely different way. I will take you with me through “pieces” of my life that were painful and you will be with me through the depression and anxiety I carried as a side effect of some of those events, including the losses I suffered in Magic.

Jagged Little Pieces is another part of myself that I needed to write about in order to heal which makes this a very scary endeavor but, I sincerely hope, when all is said and done, you will have been able to find something to take away from it for yourself as well.

Thank you for taking time to read this today and for your continued support. I feel better in having shared this with you and your comments are welcomed!