As the new year approaches, I am so very thankful for many things in my life…including YOU!

   reflection sunglasses summer

     Three years ago, I opened this blog and titled it ‘Magic in the Backyard‘ with a resolution that I would finally take the leap, throw fear out the window and share my writing with the world. I never imagined how much things would change and grow; I never imagined that Magic in the Backyard would become my very first collection that I would have the joy of seeing in print, and I never imagined I would have the opportunity to meet such amazing people like you in this thriving community of writers. You encouraged me when I doubted myself and was hesitant about going forward and when fear comes sneaking back in, you are still here for me, offering your sweet words that inspire me to continue on. You have been my backbone in so many ways and I truly appreciate your kindness, guidance and the overwhelming support you have shown this dreamer who just three years ago, was terrified at the thought of allowing anyone to read my work and so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

     In 2013, I wish for every happiness and success that life can throw at you. I urge you to take the same leap and throw your fear out the window! I encourage you to never ever put your pen down no matter what. Words fill you for a reason, they need a voice to gift them to the world and YOU have been chosen! Let every detail of living be an inspiration to you, everything big and small in the world has a story to tell, everything tangible and impalpable, perceived and otherwise, holds a truth to be written. Give them life.

Thank you for standing beside me through this journey. Here’s to three more years together…at the least!