I guess I have always been insecure…it comes with being a girl I suppose. You know those moments… where you have walked into a room and the sudden hush makes you cringe so much that you want to turn around and run right back out? Or when you see people whisper and you just KNOW it’s about you…right? Or is it just me?

Anyway, so I saw this adorable picture while googling images (which I love to do for inspiration) and it reminded me of those times…and the fact that I had just gotten busted at the grocery store in my pajamas the night before had a little to do with it too. In case you missed my tweet… “It is never late enough or safe enough to go to the grocery store in your p.j.’s!” EVER!

Based on my little insecurities and my embarrassment at the store, I decided to add my thoughts to this image, just for fun, and maybe out of a little curiosity to see who might enjoy my humor and possibly relate on some level. Turns out…it’s NOT just me after-all! I posted the image to my Facebook wall and as of right now, it has 1,433 shares! Wow! Nothing I have ever posted has been shared that much! So, I thought I would pass it along to you…

The image was found here on Google. I take no credit for anything other than the words.

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