When it comes to sitting down and putting your pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, some writers have specific needs.

A lot of well known authors have certain habits, rituals, or things they must set in place before they can begin to write. Susan Sontag wrote with a felt tip pen, Jack Kerouac would write by candlelight and Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up. There are some who write drunk, some who write stoned and some who write naked. (This might have a little something to do with our reputation for weirdness, ya think?)

writers are strange

Some write to music and others must have complete silence. Some prefer longhand while others will only work on an old typewriter. And the list goes on…

For me, although I wouldn’t call them ‘rituals’, or even ‘strange’, there are two things that help in my writing process. A drive through the country, taking in the scenery and/or Googling photography, preferably black and white. If I am ever in a slump, these two things are like a four-wheel drive, they jerk me out of the mud and get me back on the road again.

Do you have a specific ‘routine’ or ‘ritual’ for writing?