Credit: We Heart It
Credit: We Heart It

Me: “I am just so overwhelmed and almost feel like re-writing the entire thing!”
Becky: What do we always do first? Break it down to one chunk at a time.

Me: “If I could write it like poetry, it would be so much easier for me.”
Becky: DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO WRONG IN WRITING. Write it like poetry if that is more comfortable. No one says you can’t. I’d love to see it.

Me: “There are actually some paragraphs I could take out one by one and re-write. Would you mind looking at them?”
Becky: I look forward to seeing what you create. Off you go, and send it over whenever you’re ready.

Actual messages between me and my awesome writing coach, Rebecca T. Dickson. (

Writing this book has been a challenge to say the least. My unyielding desire for perfection weighs heavily on my shoulders. The mentality behind this comes from the following thoughts that suffocate me whenever I sit down to write:

‘I want my story to be beautiful and flowing…all the way through, so the reader will never want to lay it down.’ Which of course creates a tremendous amount of pressure on myself.

…and because of that pressure…

‘I mustΒ to strive to make every line absolutely…perfect.’ Which is really an unfair request of myself, or any writer, because words and sentences have an infinite way of being played with. Therefore, how do you decide when you have weaved it just right?

The answer is…JUST WRITE. (According to Becky, who also hosts a Friday free write, here.)

So what’s the problem, you ask?

I am a poet. Or at least I’d like to think I am. I love putting words together so that they leave an impression. My goal, when writing in poetic form, is to force the reader to feel what I feel. I want them to be inside the moment with me. Writing a book, I thought, would just be a collection of those moments drawn out into a story. In other words, I thought it’d be easy.

In struggling with making the narrative ‘livelier’, I decided that maybe trying to re-write each section, each paragraph as though it were a poem all its own, I could potentially reach the effect…the overall feeling I want to convey with this story. The intro to this post is the conversation I had with Becky on the subject. And as always, she encouraged me to do what I feel comfortable with. Giving me courage to follow my ideas with confidence. She allowed me to permission myself to take chances, try new things and ultimately write with abandon.

So far, so good. I am pleased to say that some of the weight has been lifted and I am pretty happy with my re-writes so far. I realize that this will obviously lengthen the process and getting it published will now be even further into the future. But I also know that when it is all said and done. When the last line is written and I tack on that blank page to the bottom and type ‘The End.’… I will be able to say I gave it my very best and pass along to you something I am proud of. A story you will not be able to put down.

I am now approaching 25,000 words. Follow my journey, here.

What do you think about my new ‘poetic’ approach to writing this book? Could it work? Or could it be too abstract and hard to follow?

Thanks for following my journey…