JLP Blog TourHello again!

A year ago, I was like a giddy schoolgirl making my rounds, promoting my first ever collection of poetry and prose, Magic in the Backyard. It was the first time my words were published in print and a momentous occasion for me personally. It was truly a dream come true! Today, I am a week away from the release of my second collection, Jagged Little Pieces and I feel the same excitement as I did then.

You guys are the reason Magic saw success. With your purchases, following and reading my blog daily and sharing on Twitter and Facebook. You helped Magic reach Amazon’s Top 100 in Poetry and I cannot thank you enough! But most of all, knowing that you were able to find some joy in the words I spilled from my heart, means more to me than any number. I loved reading your feedback and hearing your personal stories that reminded you of or related to certain pieces in the book. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts of JLP as well.

When I write, I bare all. I give you my heart… my love, my sadness and now, with Jagged, I give you my pain. Sharing with you things that have ultimately made me stronger. And I hope that you find something in the pieces that will touch you, make you feel better or just simply let you know that you are not alone.

The release date for JLP in paperback is March 20th. Ebook will follow on March 25th. If you would like to be a part of my blog tour this time around, please email your proposal here. I’m open for guest posts, interviews etc… Or, you can help me by bombarding social media on release day! I will write a special post you can share on Facebook and I will announce a hashtag for you to use on Twitter. Any help is great and appreciated.

7 more days… I can’t wait to share it with you! Thank you again and again for your support!

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