JaggedLittlePieces_FlatV2The waiting is over! I have been counting down the days with you guys and it has finally arrived! My second collection, Jagged Little Pieces, is finally here and I am so very happy to share it with you! I hope you will enjoy this collection of work as much as you enjoyed Magic in the Backyard as it too was written from my heart and I offer it to you. [Read more at the Winter Goose Publishing Website]

Writing for me is not just putting words together and delivering something pretty for you to read. No. When I write, I am in complete surrender to the emotion that brought my pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I guess you could say you are reading my diary. It really is that personal. So with this book, I am really feeling the nerves set in right now. As I give you pieces of me that are not so pretty…or ‘magical’.


Available in paperback. (eBook release March 25th) I look forward to your feedback!

Click to R.S.V.P.
Click to R.S.V.P.

Come celebrate with me today as I host my Official Jagged Little Pieces Online Launch Party on Facebook today from 11-3 EST! We’ll play some music, eat some cyber snacks and dance around in our pajamas! Sounds fun, right? Wait…there’s more! I will be sharing a link with you for a giveaway where you will get the chance to win a signed copy of Jagged Little Pieces…hot off the presses, plus a few other goodies as the day goes on. Be sure to pop in throughout the day or turn your event notifications on so you can receive an alert for updates. Hope you will come by! Click here to join the party. Having trouble? Log in to Facebook and go to my ‘Events’ tab on my author page, here.