record player girl

You place the needle down
and the scratching starts
fading into trickling notes
then words
that reach inside of you and
massage your heart
until it beats wildly
pushing excitement through your
once strolling veins

And now they run
free and with abandon
taking the hand of your mind
and immersing you in and out
up and down
on feel good waves that
swallow your sadness and pain

And you imagine things
dream of things
long for things
and decide things
in that moment of impulse and
surreal ecstasy
and for that one moment
while the music plays
you know who you are
and everything you wish to be.

And being alone with yourself
dancing in an empty room
eyes closed
you understand what it is
to love yourself
drinking wine from
a spotless glass
intoxicated on sweet clarity

And lies
and fear
and loneliness
become but a faded dream
you can’t remember
until the needle rises
and the sad silence
of breathing in and out
opens your eyes again.