After re-examining the latest draft of my WIP, I realized that my characters were still a bit two dimensional. I wanted to give them more depth so when you finally read their story, you will be able to fully envision them. From crinkled brow to stocking feet, I want you to see them in rich detail.

A couple things happened recently that has helped tremendously in this aspect. First, this totally fascinating and talented group of female writers that I have had the honor of brainstorming with lately, gave me one idea. Find images of people and places that resemble the image I have in my head of what my characters look like and their surroundings. Brilliant! Right? Yes…yes it is. Not only was it awesome to have a physical picture, but it really helped me pin down character traits that I had overlooked. Things about a person’s face, expressions and overall look that we recognize, attach to and become familiar with, I had left out. Which is why there was no depth or real…well, character to them. I decided to go on a Google hunt to find my cast. Which, just let me say to Hollywood right now… if you read my book and decide you want to option the film rights…I want these people. No exceptions!

My leading man, “Elmer”, will be played by Tommy Lee Jones. His sad face and deep brown eyes are the epitome of how Elmer looks and feels. Inside and out. Not to mention his voice. That grumpy, yet charismatic Texas twang just sings Elmer.

Supporting character, “Danielle/Dani”, will be actress Alexis Bledel. She clearly has a unique voice. And an enthusiastic tone that simply reeks of a bright eyed and hopeful Texas A&M graduate looking to inspire (or drive crazy) the likes of crabby Elmer.

*A little tidbit…both Tommy Lee and Alexis are Texans. See… it’s meant to be, don’t ya think? 🙂

Landscape/Scene Setting is an old desert trailer park. Weathered, run down and alone in the middle of nowhere. Echoing the emotions of every person that has come to live there. A congregation of withered and thirsty souls.

WIP Book Collage Titled

Don’t you just love that retro shag carpet?

The second thing that helped me was an interview I watched on Youtube with author Beth Albright. (Which btw, she will be here on the blog this Saturday, so I encourage you to please stop by and read her journey toward her brand new novel series, The Sassy Belles. And please, be a doll and say hello.) Here’s what she had to say on “what is key to writing characters believably”:

Now that I have some visuals to inspire me, I’m off to write. And now that YOU have some visuals, when you read my book (you will read it, right?) then you will have a good idea of what I “saw” in the process of bringing it to life for you. I cannot wait!

28,436 words and counting…

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