Most writers aspire to become published. Punching at the keyboard, spilling their heart and soul onto the page in hopes that someone out there will find enjoyment in their words and ultimately have the honor to see their work in print. At least that’s how it was for me.

happy-writerBut the work for a writer does not end there. Contrary to popular belief, we really do not just write something, get it published, send it out into the world and sit back and collect big fat royalty checks. I can’t help but giggle every time someone implies that I must be rich…(or even famous for that matter). No, the truth is that writing is the easy part, and of course getting published is a little more difficult. But the hardest part of a writers job is selling yourself. Constant promotion and well, tooting of your own horn so people will hear you. Getting people to notice you in a ginormous sea of authors and books is painfully difficult. And most times, we drown.

I must confess, I dislike pushing my amazon links and begging for reviews just as much as you dislike seeing them. Self promotion can be damn near degrading, but the fact of the matter is, for a writer to stay afloat, it is embarrassingly necessary.

Of course we want you to purchase our books… If I could buy every book I wanted to read from all of my favorite authors, I would have to build an addition onto my house to store them. And that is because I am a proud supporter of paperback. No ebooks for me, thank you. (Ahhhh can you smell the fresh pages?) But we can’t all run out and spend fifteen to twenty-five dollars on a whim. I can’t anyway. But… if you love your author and want them to keep writing, (so when you have the extra money to buy a book you’ll find them on the shelves)… simply support them by doing the following:


  1. Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter even Instagram! Go where the people are and share your favorite authors quotes & excerpts from their books and/or links to your authors amazon book page and tell people why they should buy it. For Instagram, snap a pic of a page in your authors book with your favorite line/words highlighted!
  2. Amazon Reviews: Write a brief review on amazon (or your blog). Good or bad, the more reviews littering cyberspace will help get it noticed. Plain and simple. Even a horrible review will intrigue a reader enough so that they will want to see for themselves if it is really that bad. You can also simply click the “Like” button on their amazon book page. (And don’t forget to use the social media links to share!)
  3. Local Bookstores: If you are like me and LOVE real books (not ebooks), visit your local bookstores and ask them to carry books by your author. Jot down the author name and at least one book title so they can search them out and ultimately (hopefully) stock them on their shelves.

That’s it! The point is… word of mouth. Just tell people. It’s a FREE and EASY way to ensure the future of your favorite author.

Help keep us writing.

Thank you.