I know, I know. I am really slacking lately. And the prompt this week defines how I feel, perfectly. 

For those who stumbled in here, read this intro to see what FWF is all about. As for my writing bandits…here is your prompt:

fwf gif prompt


Ever want to just run away? Feel overwhelmed with the chaos of this ride we call life? Feel trapped and suffocated and the open road calls out to you? Sure you have. We all have. We all have been in a place where running seems like the best option because facing the world would be too hard. Running…even if that means curling up in our bed with the covers over our head, has at some point been the best idea we could think of  when faced with circumstances we can’t handle…or just don’t want to handle.

We celebrate independence this weekend when most of us are simply not free. We are all bound by something or someone and it’s time we let go. It’s time we fly and get out of bed, hit the road, make that change, walk away…whatever it is that will break our chains and remember what freedom feels like. And Free Write Friday is a great place to start.

Don’t over think it. You know exactly how you feel about that ‘thing’ that has you. And it’s tied up in front of you now, like a punching bag. Let it have it! Give it all you’ve got! Use that almighty tool that each of us have…your voice. Define your bars, take away their power, then bust out of them with your magic keys…your words. Be hard, scribble fiercely, punch the keyboard, scream it out…just let it go. Take control. You don’t have to share it if you don’t want to. But write it anyway. There is something waiting for you at the end. Something wonderful. I promise.

No rules. Just write.

Here’s to exhaling.