Search the #micropoetry hashtag on Twitter and you will find some amazing short poems. Seems the pressure and limitations of having only 140 characters to work with has been a motivator in birthing beautiful brevity. Inspired by this elite group of Twitter poets, I tried my hand and decided to share some of my own Twoetry creations. I hope you enjoy. And if you do…follow me on Twitter.

soul roars
like thunder in a drum
beating beating
heart escapes
and light blinds
the dark well
of woe left behind

tears of sky
wash and engrave
lines of love
into hardened earth
an epitaph for
a new beginning
and softer things
yet to come

in dark of night
through windowpane
& slanted rain
i remember you
& stinging tears
of a goodbye day
beside your grave

sun washed town
in mango hues
though sleepy trees
and shaded streets
no such thing as
summer blues

your life was
a beautiful sentence
for which I cannot
give end to
with punctuation

honeydew fields
under the wisp of
sweet nectar breath
intoxicating nostalgia

summer strolls by
in her invisible cloak
& the trees
& the grass
frolic beneath the
warm tickle
of her fingertips

out beyond me
in wheat hues
on haunted hills
acres of aching
& ponders of pain
stretch out and die
beneath the sun

downy field
sifted with sun
beds a dreamer
lost between
pages of sky

sunlit weeds
shimmer like diamonds
sway in dreamy breeze
beside the flowers
content with what they are

Dawn parts her
blush pink gown
and curtsies to the
distant moon
thanking him for the
dance of dream

he dropped two quarters
and returned to her
on a dancing floor
spinning memories
in a juke box
time machine

palms cupped
around his stubbly jawline
eyes swim together
& lips siphon
the air between
meeting softly
as whispering hearts