I put on my pajamas, crawled onto my bed with my laptop and began to write a poem about colors. It may have been inspired by the fact that I had just heard Taylor Swift’s song, Red, on the radio while out on my late night run to the store for something chocolate. I always get a sweet tooth at night. Never fails. Damn Reese’s commercials! Anyway, back to the point. (I bought Moose Tracks ice cream by the way. I know you were wondering.)

fluppy dog yellowI started my prose and the first color that came to me was yellow and I immediately called it happy. Happy yellow. Then I stopped. It sounded so familiar. I thought for a moment and then realized that I had used the phrase ‘happy yellow’ in a piece I had written in the past; ‘The Door is Locked to Neverland’ in my latest book (Jagged Little Pieces). And I wondered… why do I always associate yellow with happy? Is it because it reminds me of summer? I love summer, I am happy in the summer. Or does it go deeper than that? Could it be because I once got a yellow stuffed puppy dog for Christmas (a ‘Fluppy Dog’) that I wanted so badly and still have to this day? Or could it be as simple as seeing that smiling Wal-Mart sticker that is permanently stuck to the corner of my dresser mirror? This, of course, sent my mind in a whole new direction and I scrapped the poem and now you are reading this instead. But it’s okay, a good discussion post has been long overdue. Oh and by the way, I’m not saying that the direction my mind is going in is a straight path. It’s more like a winding back road in the country that you take a drive on just to see where it will end up. Wanna ride with me? If so, keep reading. If not… I’ll see you when I get back. Make some coffee.

Colors have been said to represent emotions. Even when we are not aware, we sometimes use color based on how we feel. Like when we get dressed for instance. If we are in a good mood, have exciting plans or we girls just want to feel ‘pretty’…we show that in our clothing choices. Now on the other hand, if we woke up on the wrong side of the bed, feel sick or depressed, we aren’t as quick to reach for the pretty pink blouse, but rather that blah, oversized, dark color t-shirt instead.

Even mother nature, as most poets will recognize, dims her colors when she feels bad. A happy sunny day filled with leafy greens, cantaloupe skies and blue waters will quickly turn gray and gloomy when it storms. As do we.

Let’s chat…

Assume for a moment that the following colors are already spoken for:

Red, well, we will obviously tag red with love, passion and anger. And blue will, of course, be sad, lonely and depressed.

There are a million other colors left. Which one of them is your happy color? What is the first color that comes to mind when you hear the words happy, carefree, peaceful or inspired? Does it possibly remind you of something, someone or some place? Can you think of any connection as to why your happy color is your happy color?

There are a multitude of articles online about colors and their meanings. There is even one right here on my blog, written by the lovely Annie Perconti. <– read this or Google ‘colors and emotions‘ and see what you find out. But remember, this is not about your favorite color…it’s the color that sings ‘happy’ to you. I’d love to have you come back and share your findings!

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Thanks for the inspiration, Taylor…