CandyFromStrangers_flatforeBooksI am pleased to announce that my third collection, Candy from Strangers, will be released on Monday (12/16/13) via Winter Goose Publishing.

This book marks my first baby steps into fiction. I started playing with fiction a few years ago with a short piece of prose I wrote. I was surprised by the response and encouragement I received by my cheer-readers (that’d be you, my amazing inspiring followers…friends), who pushed me to try my hand at more. Which terrified me, by the way.

“Write what you know, Kellie.” That’s what I always tell myself. But then I had a new dream. I wanted to write a novel from that same piece that you guys liked so much. So, I took the leap, and every now and then I would step outside my comfort zone and write about things not so close to home. Things that were a little funny, a little odd, and a little candid. And I called those little things “short-short stories”. Which is what this collection is compiled of. Mini stories in the form of poetry and prose.

Watch the trailer:

I wanted you to be involved…

The last piece in the collection plays along with my weekly Free Write Friday series. (I know my writing bandits will love this!) At the end of the piece, you are asked to use what I have written as your prompt and continue the “story”. A super special, secret page here on the blog will go live upon release and the link to it, along with a special password is located at the end of the book following the story. I look forward to your replies in the comment section of the secret page.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, as always. This one’s for you!


Candy from Strangers, along with Kellie’s other books can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and other major book retailers online. See Kellie’s Book’s page for direct links, trailers, blurbs and more!