Hello everyone. It has been some time since I have had such exciting news to report.

I write to you tonight to let you know that my novella, Withering, is finally being brought to life. If you aren’t familiar with this project, and want to know more, I give you the following links:


It has been nearly a year since the writing of Withering came to a halt. I felt the story was told and I submitted it for publication. Accepted by my publisher, Winter Goose Publishing, I was ecstatic. However, it would still be some time before it would go out into the world. And now…it’s just around the corner!

A couple nights ago I was contacted by Winter Goose and the ball has begun to roll. Editing, acknowledgements, cover selection (lions tigers and bears) oh my! I am super excited to finally be revisiting my story and preparing to deliver it into your hands. So many sleepless nights, long days and hundreds of pots of coffee went into the creation of these characters. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster ride that it took me on as I plunged deep into their hearts and souls so that you may have them enter yours.

Beginning with this post, I resurrect my Author Notes series in order to keep you updated. Please check out the links above and stay tuned for more! You are a part of this journey. You are my inspiration.

With love,

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