While everyone sleeps and the house is filled with the smell of roasting turkey and green beans seasoned with bacon grease…granny’s secret… I decided to take some time to reflect on what I am thankful for.

  • Pepsi. Ice cold Pepsi in a can
  • The feel of a brand new pair of socks… sighhhhhh
  • Hair color to cover the grey…I mean wisdom strands
  • The guy at Little Caesars who gives me buffalo sauce for free to dip my pizza in
  • My neice who is my walking calendar because without her I would forget everything
  • My fish…because he never disturbs me when I’m writing
  • AMC…for bringing back The Walking Dead for another season
  • Ian Somerholder…need I say more?
  • The handy dandy “block this person” button on Facebook
  • The radio for never playing too much Taylor Swift
  • Trees
  • Monster Vanilla Light for getting me through my work day
  • And of course my son, family, friends, co-workers, readers, photography clients, David, Bryan and everyone who has come into my world over the past year and shown me love and kindness and brought me to life again.