the image of his back
and then his silence
piercing pain
into parts of me I never knew existed
god it hurt
curled up body
dead weight wanting
to fly
his face becomes shapeless
and his voice
lost in ceilings and skies
thinning like
fading clouds passing before
a crying moon
and i watch for traveling stars
still searching for it
just a word
my name
i plead softly

where did you go

and i still believe
it was only his body that
left me here
and our souls
somehow remain together
just touching
like the horizons rim

holding my breath
eyes closed
reaching hard and deep but
he doesnt come
days speckled with memories
like the starry night
while he remains
out there somewhere
beautifully burning
within a flicker of stardust

one day
and an unspoken goodbye
and all i remember are his eyes


*My reply to this weeks #FWF.