in the sound of
falling off your mouth
and the way your eyes
lay on me
when you think I don’t notice
and you say
I love you
in a way that speaks
I wish you knew how much
and the strum of your fingers
down my back
while my head fits perfectly
in the little dip between
your shoulder and chest
and how laughter bursts from us
at the same time
for the same
cheesy movie joke
and how you force me to
dismiss anything that wants to hurt me
with your strong arms and a simple
I’m here
with a kiss on my forehead
and how you slow danced me around
in the middle of a crowded park
when no one else was
between all of that
and the million other
little things
and the fact that on our first date
you agreed that
Pepsi in a can is
the best drink ever
I think
you just might be