So, I had a strange dream.
I was being held tightly by a black bear in my living room. A literal bear hug. He wouldn’t let go. He treated me as if I belonged to him. Like a toy or maybe a baby. There were people there, I think it was family, but could only hear their voices as they talked of ways to get it to let go of me. The only face that came into sight was either my mom or my grandma or maybe it was a blend of both, when she tried to pull its arms from around me. But its long, black, sharp claws came out.
Someone else, I think it was my brother, decided to try to feed it. He gave it a ham sandwhich and a pork chop. It let go, sat down on its bottom and began to eat. Then fell over and went to sleep.
I ran out onto my porch to call 911 thinking they could call a ranger to come and sedate it, but I was put on hold and became aggravated because I needed help quickly. While waiting, I saw a huge tiger in the distance running toward me. I ran inside just as it crashed into the glass door. We all began to run through the house and out the back door. It busted through and somehow we bacame trapped. My back to the tiger, I froze. Waiting for it to jump me.
Then I woke up.
I told my son all about it and he said, laughing, “Oh, everything but the lion.”

Anyone wanna take a shot at interpreting this?