In the immeasurable

vastness of the universe,

we are but a

speck of dust

on a speck of dust

on a speck of dust.

Yet we have this

false awareness of

being bigger than we are;

Building our little empires,

collecting our little fortunes,

envying people and titles

and placing value and worth

on tangible things

as though it matters.

While we glutton;

consume and feed

our mind and bodies on “stuff”,

in search of happiness

or praise

or a place on a higher rung,

we are starving

and killing our spirit.

This is why we are never satisfied.

This is why we continue to want more.

In the immeasurable vastness of it all,

money, success, status and “stuff”

is but a distracting lie that

hides a truth that could

set you free.

The greenest grass I’ve ever seen

had nothing,

but only what it needed,

and yet

wanted for nothing.