Hey guys.

I’ve been MIA for some time now, I know. My photography business really thrived this year which kept me pretty busy. I considered writing a couple of times, but for those who have followed me, you know I write from my real life experiences and they’re mostly from places of pain or hurt because it always helps me heal. With that said, I am happy to say that I have not been in such a place this last year. For the most part, God has blessed me and I have no complaints. Except it has kept me from you, from writing and blogging.

Now that winter is here and my business is slowing down, I considered going back to some hurtful places just so I could release this ache to put something down on “paper”, but I quickly decided against that. There are just some wounds I’d rather not tear open. Instead, I’ve chosen to have a happy winter.

Currently I am exploring other creative outlets and I’m looking to take a part time job punching a clock just to keep me from sitting in the house working on my laptop and eating myself back into my fat girl clothes. So right now the possibilities are endless. I have my pick of what I want to do until my busy season picks back up this coming spring. In the meantime, David and I will be enjoying the holidays, hopefully with his family in North Carolina. His brother-in-law makes the best steak ever. Seriously, I’m ruined.

So if you’re interested in keeping updated on the little things going on in my life, check back or subscribe. I will definitely do some blogging, but the prose will be few and far between for now.

I’ll be sharing some about my year including how one of my readers (who I now consider a dear, dear friend) came to Tennessee to meet me! Me?! And he brought me the best homemade jam to ever touch my lips. Thanks, Charlie!

I’ll be back soon. ❤️