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Dear Diary

dear diaryLetter writing has become a form of  journal therapy that aids in the healing process. Many times there are things we want to say to someone or even some “thing” but, we are not able to do so through personal confrontation which is the reason many people begin using diaries. 

Journal(ing) for therapy is much like writing a letter, it allows you to speak freely and honestly about what you are feeling towards the issue. Whether it be a person, an emotion or an event, addressing the issue dead on is the first step to ridding yourself of the weight of things that may be holding you down. For example;

Writing a letter to someone who has broken your heart, where you maybe felt that you did not get the opportunity to say all you needed to, will help you to resolve those feelings you were deprived of expressing and help you achieve closure. Keep in mind, your letter does not ever have to actually reach the person intended, this will allow you to be as open as you want without the fear of the response. So fire away! 
Some facts about Letter Therapy…

  • Confessional writing brings actions and feelings out into the open and offers an aspect of forgiveness. It is a form that has its roots in the Renaissance.
  • Letter therapy uses letters to deal with interpersonal conflicts and problems. What can not be said can at times be written. Also, writing letters often makes it more objective and the emotions are not so violent.
  • Journal writing offers several benefits: journals are less threatening and closer to natural speech; they document mental processes; and they can be used as a tool for growth through critical reflection.
  • The letters do not have to be mailed.

Join me on the path to self discovery by beginning an online diary with your own collection of letters! To get you started, you can find idea’s in my 10 Day Letter Challenge

*If you would like to share your diary, simply comment below with a link.

20 thoughts on “Dear Diary

      1. Hey Kellie! I wan to give feedback about this entire site. I simply think you should add a “Love” Button on this page because its too good to jut like it ;0) I love your creative mind and writings! Thank you for allowing us to share with you and also having a place to come to visit when we need a little or alot of magic to inspire us! I will be back for another visit so keep us posted on FB …oh yeah, I am also following you so keep up the good work lady!

        TyLeishia aka “JDNM”

  1. I’ve written so many letters in the past that I ended up getting myself a notebook into which I write ONLY letters! 😛

  2. Kellie,
    I found the letter challenge very interesting…will contemplate the topics before writing the responses.
    I don’t know how to put the badge on my blog… I know that sounds beyond ignorant, but it is not in my mental vision yet. Am sorry my grandchildren moved… maybe one of them could have shown me. I am the only one of my peers that blogs at the moment…even my computer instructor couldn’t help me !
    As for the letters, i don’t know if I will share them on my blog, but I will share them with you when I start.
    Thanks for the idea….
    There are a couple of other challenges I haven’t done, also. Must get busy and write.☺. Thanks for the cyber “goose”☺.

    Peace and love,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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