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Free Write Friday

welcome to free write friday 101

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I have a deep conviction that art, in any form, is a powerful outlet. For me, the most fun and productive way I have found to express myself, to work through issues, to cope, to vent, to heal, is to simply free write. And I challenge you to do the same. Each Friday I will post something for you to ponder. It’s time to free yourself by using all of those brilliant words trying to escape your brain; without fear, without worry of criticism, without anything on your shoulder telling you it’s not good enough. Grab a pen, open your notepad on your computer or use whatever tool it is that fits you best and let’s get writing!

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Please note, you do not have to share to participate. I encourage you to write, period. Whether it’s in a journal under your pillow or on a public blog. Just write.

Free verse is commonly used in contemporary poetry. Some poets have taken this technique as a freedom from rhythm and rhyme because it changes the mind of people whimsically. Therefore, free verse is also called vers libre. You may write in any form you choose for the prompt, as I will never discourage your pen, but I encourage you to try your hand at free verse for the exercise.

how to write:

  • Turn off your editor! Do not over-think your work. Just keep writing.
  • Embrace the flow! Allow your mind to run free with the ideas the prompt has dancing in your head. (no matter how far fetched or off the beaten path it goes…Let. It. Go.)
  • Do not stop! Keep penning until you find yourself forcing your words or trying too hard to complete a thought. If you have to think too hard, you’re done.

Once your pen is “dry”, read over what you have written. You may be surprised to find that you have created a masterpiece! And you are free to tweak and edit at a later date. But at this point, for FWF, you want to leave it uncut and raw. [Read my thoughts on writing rebellion, here]

how to submit:

ready to join my group of writing bandits? it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Post your work on your blog. (Please link back to the FWF post your are writing for)
  2. Leave a comment on the specific FWF post/prompt with your link.
  3. MY ONLY RULE: Be courteous and comment other participants. Especially if they did it for you. You can subscribe to the comments for each FWF prompt post to stay updated on new replies.

did you know…

  • FWF prompts never expire! Write for past or present prompts ANY time.
  • We’re On Twitter! Join the bandits & tweet your link using the #FWF hashtag
  • Short on time, or have a niche’ for brevity? Take part in our Twitter version of Free Write Friday. Tweet your reply to the prompts using the hashtag #MicroFWF

ready, set, write! [View All Free Write Friday prompts here]


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what is free writing?

Free writing  — also called stream-of-consciousness writing — is a pre-writing technique in which a person writes continuously without regard to spelling, or grammar. It produces raw, often unusable material, but helps writers overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism. It is used mainly by prose writers and writing teachers. Some writers use the technique to collect initial thoughts and ideas on a topic, often as a preliminary to formal writing.

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